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Ep #22: Twenty-Nine surefire ways to lease your vacant units FAST!

Empty rental units mean empty bank accounts. There is no faster way to deplete your bank account or reserves than to have a vacant rental unit sitting, wasting away. In order to stop the bleeding and be successful in this business, you must have multiple surefire methods to fill your vacancies as fast as possible…. Go to Episode

EP #20: Using LinkedIn to supercharge your Real Estate business – with Donna Serdula

Donna Serdula is a nationally recognized speaker, accomplished author, and leading educational authority who works with companies and individuals to help them leverage the power of the world’s largest professional network – LinkedIn. With more than 187 million members across 200 countries, LinkedIn has changed the way real estate professionals do business. Initially viewed as an online… Go to Episode

Ep #18: Commercial Mortgages 101 – with Michael Reinhard

Michael Reinhard is an independent commercial mortgage banker for Texas Commercial Mortgage and a Texas state licensed real estate broker based in Houston, Texas. Michael has 20 years experience in financing and brokering commercial real estate investment properties throughout Texas and surrounding states. He began his commercial real estate career in Houston after earning a… Go to Episode

Ep #17: The ABC’s of personal credit – with Wayne the Credit Guy

Wayne Sanford, also known as “Wayne the Credit Guy“, is the owner of New Start Financial Corporation. With nearly a decade of experience working in the credit industry, Sanford has personally reviewed more than 13,000 consumer credit files for mortgage professionals, investment groups and consumers. Labeled as the “Company with Credentials“, New Start Financial Corporation… Go to Episode

Ep #15: Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki and owner/operator of a 9,000+ unit mega-portfolio – with Ken McElroy

Ken McElroy oversees the Mc Companies asset portfolio and leads the day-to-day operations including financial and operating analysis, investor relations and business development. An industry veteran, Ken served in leadership roles in multi-family asset and property management for more than 20 years. He is also an expert in development, project/construction management, investment analysis and acquisitions/dispositions,… Go to Episode

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