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#331: Multifamily, Syndication, Residential to Senior Housing Conversions, and So Much More! -with Prashant Kumar

Prashant Kumar is a real estate expert and syndicator. As Founder and Managing Partner at MyRealityGains, he applies his 25+ years of experience in corporate America to analyzing opportunities and managing his real estate operations. He acquires and holds stable, income-producing multifamily apartment complexes in emerging US markets with long-term capital appreciation. In addition to his investment… Go to Episode

#328: Multifamily, Syndication, Rent Growth, and So Much more! -with Bill Ham

Bill Ham a is real estate investment expert. Bill is the Chief Operating Officer and the driving force behind Broadwell Property Group. He has upwards of 20 years’ experience in the Real Estate investment world with a proven track record of identifying, acquiring, operating, and divesting large footprint Multifamily Housing. Quotes:  “The cap rate compression is too… Go to Episode

#327: Hotels, Pandemic Impacts, and So Much More! – with Sterling Anderson

Sterling Anderson is a real estate investor. Sterling is the President & CEO of Red Oak Development (Formerly Sterling Capital Investments), a Real Estate Development/Investment company based in Omaha, NE. The company invests in and develops single-family, Multifamily, and Hotel properties Quotes:  “It starts with the parent company. It starts with having to adhere to what… Go to Episode

#326: Raw Land, Ebay Deals, and So Much More! -with Jill DeWit and Steve Butala

Jill DeWit & Steven Butala are real estate and raw land experts. Since 1999, Jill and Steve have completed the acquisition and sale of more than 16,000 properties without incurring leverage or debt and continue to purchase property daily for immediate resale. Quotes:  “The seller just doesn’t want it anymore. They are tired of getting the tax bills. They’re in a situation… Go to Episode

#325 Cinemas, Drive Ins, Streaming Services, and So Much More! – with Vince Guzzo

Vince Guzzo is a businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist,   Vince is a Canadian entrepreneur who currently serves as CEO of Guzzo Cinemas, Guzzo Construction inc., Guzzo Medical, and Guzzo Hospitality.  Vince received national attention in 2018 when he joined the cast of the CBC Television business reality shows Dragons’ Den as one of the investors. Additionally, Vince’s group is the largest movie operator in Quebec, with 141 screens and… Go to Episode

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