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Ep #133: The Story of Two Opportunistic Investors Who Have Uncovered Huge Profits in both Self Storage and Multifamily Investments – with Jonathan Towell and Gary Evans

January 10, 2017


Our guests for this week’s show are Real Estate Investment Experts, Jonathan Towell and Gary Evans.

In today’s show we’re going to be speaking with Jonathan Towell and Gary Evans about how they got their start as real estate investors and how in a few short years they have been able to amass a very significant portfolio of self storage & multifamily properties all while working a full-time jobs.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How they got their start by purchasing a few small single-family rentals before moving onto larger self-storage and multifamily properties.
  • How they’ve successfully negotiated owner financing structures with multifamily sellers
  • The story of their first large multifamily acquisition, which was a 213 unit apartment building.
  • The struggles they faced during the capital raising process and how they overcame them as well as what they would have done differently.
  • What a carpet cleaning franchise has to do with real estate investing.
  • How they’ve fueled their occupancy in their self storage properties and dominated the local market by mastering google adwords
  • And much more

Our Guest

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