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Ep #162: From Real Estate Broker to Highly Successful Multifamily Syndicator – with John Cohen

Our guest for this week’s show is co-founder and managing partner of Toro Real Estate Partners, John Cohen John is responsible for the day-to-day activities of Toro Real Estate Partners, including strategic direction of the company, formulation of investment strategy, acquisitions, dispositions, asset management, and investor relations. As of this recording, Toro has 1,299 multifamily… Go to Episode

Ep #143: Finding The Right Team and Going from One Single Family Rental to Thousands of Multifamily Units and International Development Deals – Dave Zook

Our guest for this week’s show is Multifamily investor, resort developer, and serial entrepreneur, Dave Zook. In today’s show we’re going to be speaking with Dave about how he got his start as a multifamily syndicator and quickly scaled from just one single family rental to more than 2,000 units. In addition to his multifamily… Go to Episode

Ep #116: The Lessons Learned After Buying a Mostly Vacant 92-Unit Apartment Building as His Very First Mulitfamily Deal – with Andrew Cushman

Our guest for this week’s show is Multifamily Investor and full-time syndicator, Andrew Cushman. In today’s show, we’ll be speaking with Andrew in detail about how he went from being a full-time chemical engineer to a full-time multifamily syndicator who has amassed 1,470 doors in just over 5 years. Andrew will share with us intimate… Go to Episode

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