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#328: Multifamily, Syndication, Rent Growth, and So Much more! -with Bill Ham

Bill Ham a is real estate investment expert. Bill is the Chief Operating Officer and the driving force behind Broadwell Property Group. He has upwards of 20 years’ experience in the Real Estate investment world with a proven track record of identifying, acquiring, operating, and divesting large footprint Multifamily Housing. Quotes:  “The cap rate compression is too… Go to Episode

#326: Raw Land, Ebay Deals, and So Much More! -with Jill DeWit and Steve Butala

Jill DeWit & Steven Butala are real estate and raw land experts. Since 1999, Jill and Steve have completed the acquisition and sale of more than 16,000 properties without incurring leverage or debt and continue to purchase property daily for immediate resale. Quotes:  “The seller just doesn’t want it anymore. They are tired of getting the tax bills. They’re in a situation… Go to Episode

#317: LinkedIn, Networking, Showcasing, and So Much More! -with Donna Serdula

Donna Serdula is the creator of and one of the most sought out LinkedIn experts.  Donna pioneered the concept of LinkedIn profile optimization and is the author of LinkedIn Profile Optimization for Dummies. Through her Website,, Donna and her team of over 20 writers, help thousands of LinkedIn users strategically write their profile… Go to Episode

#315: Commercial Real Estate, Developers, and So Much More! -with Dick Anagnost

Dick Anagnost is the president and CEO of Anagnost Investment Group. Dick has been recognized as a transformational leader and a dynamic force in the ongoing renaissance of Manchester, New Hampshire as he continues on his mission to revitalize the state’s largest city and change its skyline. Dick has over 40 years of demonstrated achievements in industrial, commercial, residential, and… Go to Episode

#313: Selling Deals, Making a Name for Yourself, and So Much More! -with Philip Morgan

Philip Morgan is the CEO of the Morgan Group. As Chief Executive Officer, Philip is responsible for leading MORGAN’s strategic planning and growth across all business activities, including development, acquisitions, construction, and property management. Since joining MORGAN, Philip has been involved in the development and acquisitions of over 7,000 units at a cost exceeding $1.8B in Texas,… Go to Episode

#308: Insurance Claims, Public Adjustors, and Much More! -with Kyle Herring

Kyle Herring is a public adjuster and partner at Strategic Claims Consultants. Kyle has nearly 2 decades of experience as a public adjuster and has worked on major disasters across the country. This is one of those topics that a lot of investors don’t think about until disaster strikes. I think we can all agree, owning investment property is a great thing when… Go to Episode

#305: Investing, Real Estate, and Cross-Pollinating Niches- with Janine Yorio

Janine Yorio is head of the real estate group at Republic.  Republic is a leading alternative investment platform open to all investors and has closed over $150 million in investments in 200+ companies throughout 100 countries. Republic is backed by both strategic capital partners and traditional venture capital firms including Binance and Passport Capital. Founded in 2016, Republic is based in New York City and… Go to Episode

#302: Mineral, Water, Solar, Wind, and Timber Assets – with Yoann Hispa

Yoann Hispa is the CEO and co-founder of LandGate is an open Property Rights Marketplace that provides free listings of mineral assets, wind, water, solar, timber, cell tower rights, and more. Prior to founding Landgate, Yoann was President of Optimix Energy Corp where he worked as COO for Private Investors, Private Equities, and small E&P companies in their oil and gas evaluations, acquisitions, divestitures, and… Go to Episode

#301: Increasing Revenue, Transitioning to Large Assets, and Much More! – with Matt Faircloth

Matt Faircloth is a Real Estate Investor and founder of the Derosa Group.  Under Matt’s leadership, DeRosa has completed over 30 million in real estate transactions including apartments, mixed-use buildings, office buildings, fix and flips, and tax lien investments.  Matt has extensive expertise in connecting passive investors to lucrative investment opportunities through syndications, private loans, and joint… Go to Episode

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