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Active Investing

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Ep #49: Successful Commercial Real Estate Investing – with Matt Ricciardella

Matthew Ricciardella is the managing principal of Crystal View Capital. In the real estate community Matthew is widely renowned and for his deal structuring and deal making skills.  Matthew specializes in investments and management of mobile home communities, self storage facilities, office, and retail properties. Over the last eight years, he has been involved in more… Go to Episode

Ep #38: Value-Add Multifamily investor and syndicator shares how he built his portfolio to 2,000+ units – with Michal Ballard

In 2006, Michal made the transition from single family home investments into buying and syndicating value-add multifamily properties in the Southeast U.S, where he has amassed a very impressive portfolio of 2,000+ Multifamily units and is currently adding an average of 500 additional units each year. Making the leap from single family into multifamily investments… Go to Episode

Ep #22: Twenty-Nine surefire ways to lease your vacant units FAST!

Empty rental units mean empty bank accounts. There is no faster way to deplete your bank account or reserves than to have a vacant rental unit sitting, wasting away. In order to stop the bleeding and be successful in this business, you must have multiple surefire methods to fill your vacancies as fast as possible…. Go to Episode

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