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#359: Build-to-Rent, Development Strategies, and so much more!- with Sam Bates

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Sam Bates is a real estate investment expert. Sam is a principal of Trinity Capital Group and owner of Paradigm Real Estate Investments. Sam’s background is in financial services, state and local taxes, and real estate. He has been directly involved in the acquisition, rehabilitation, and management of over $200MM in multifamily and single-family assets… Go to Episode

#358: Net-lease Properties, Block Chain, and so much more!- with Michael Flight

Michael is a 34-year commercial real estate veteran with a proven track record that consists of over $600M+ real estate transactions. He’s a widely known industry expert on Retail Real Estate and Net Lease properties.  Michael’s investment interests have run the gamut and have included Institutional partnerships, insurance companies, family offices, hedge funds, and foreign investment funds.  Lastly,… Go to Episode

#352: Investment Strategies, Specializing, and so much more!- with Michael Episcope

Michael is a principal at Origin Investments, a private real estate investment firm that operates more than 5,000 multi-family units in 14 cities, across 8 states.   Michael brings 25 years of investment and risk management experience to the company and believes that calculated risk-taking in inefficient markets is the key to building wealth. After a 16-year trading career, Michael retired from… Go to Episode

#351: Fourplexes, Supply Chain, and so much more!- with Steve Olson

Steve Olson is a real estate investment expert. Steve has been in the real estate game since 2002. He completed his first real estate deal while still in college and decided to pursue investing as a full-time career at that point. Steve is currently the Director of Sales for (FIG) aka Fourplex Investment Group, a national real… Go to Episode

#350: Commercial Real Estate, Development, so much more! – with Meg Epstein

Meg Epstein is a real estate development expert. Meg is the founder of CA South, a vertically integrated real estate development and investment management company based in Nashville, TN. Over the course of her career, Meg’s been involved in the development and construction of over 1 million square feet of residential and commercial real estate, representing over $780 million to date…. Go to Episode

#349: Central American Markets, Foreign Lending, and so much more! – with Michael Cobb

Michael Cobb is a real estate expert and international developer. After success in the computer industry, Michael formed ECI Development in 1996. This residential resort development company builds communities in Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, and Mexico. Tropical neighborhoods include homes, condominiums, golf courses, and hotels in beach, agricultural, and mountain locations. Michael serves… Go to Episode

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