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#341: Producing Yield, Sourcing Deals, Creative Strategies, and So Much More! -with Michael Becker

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Michael Becker is a Multifamily Syndicator and the Principal of SPI Advisory LLC. At SPI, Michael oversees all aspects of property operations, including asset management, property management oversight, accounting and taxation, capital improvement and renovation projects, and investor relations. Michael is also a veteran in the Commercial Real Estate Banker with 15 years in the… Go to Episode

#337: Blockchain, The New Future of Asset Classes, Hospitality Investments, and So Much More! -with Stephane De Baets

Stephane De Baets is a real estate, hospitality, and blockchain expert. Stephane is a Belgian investment, real estate, and hospitality entrepreneur. He has 20 years of experience in asset management, financial structuring, and M&A. Currently, Stephane is the founder and president of the international asset management firm, Elevated Returns, which controls commercial properties transnationally. As… Go to Episode

#336: Sobriety Living Homes, Scaling Business Models, Accreditation, and So Much More! -with Sherri and Frank Candelario

Sherri Candelario, Ph.D. is a pharmacologist from the University of Washington Medical School, becoming an expert in how opioids affect the brain and is a federally registered patent counsel for numerous biotech companies. Frank Candelario is an experienced broker skilled in zoning, acquisition, and identifying and financing housing for multi-use. After experiencing sober living recovery… Go to Episode

#331: Multifamily, Syndication, Residential to Senior Housing Conversions, and So Much More! -with Prashant Kumar

Prashant Kumar is a real estate expert and syndicator. As Founder and Managing Partner at MyRealityGains, he applies his 25+ years of experience in corporate America to analyzing opportunities and managing his real estate operations. He acquires and holds stable, income-producing multifamily apartment complexes in emerging US markets with long-term capital appreciation. In addition to his investment… Go to Episode

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